This Is Our Story

Passion Church began in the home of our founders, Steve and Denice Vickers, in Montgomery, Alabama. Sensing God’s direction to plant a church in Montgomery, Steve and Denice invited family and friends to their home.


Fifteen adults and children gathered to worship, pray and be taught God’s Word. At the end of the teaching an invitation was given to receive Christ, to which several adults responded.


Then, Steve shared about the church he saw in his heart and asked those gathered to help him and Denice make the dream a reality. Everyone present responded with a wholehearted YES!…and Passion Church was born.


Now we have grown into a multi-site church with campuses in different cities. We are one church, with one heart, one vision, and one passion: to know God and to show Jesus to our world. Jesus is our Passion!


In the beginning we were known as Christian Life Center. Later, our name was changed to Christian Life Church. Now we are known as Passion Church. As always, God saves the best for last.


We changed our name to Passion because it best describes our heart and vision. It speaks to the very core of who we are and how we desire to be in everything we do for God and His Church.


We passionately believe in Jesus. We passionately love God and people. We passionately desire to see every person come to know and experience the amazing grace and unconditional love of the Father.


This love became tangible in Jesus Christ – its depth shown on the cross on Calvary. It’s a love that has literally transformed and shaped our lives and is the guiding force and defining trait for us as a church. It’s a love that is our highest aim and most desired characteristic as a church. A love that, by God’s grace, we trust will be our legacy.


We are simply a band of people who are on a journey of discovery together. A journey of discovering God in His wonder – discovering His amazing plan for us as a people and as individuals. Discovering the gifts and potential He has placed in each of us.


We are no better than anyone else and we are far from perfect. We come from varied backgrounds, cultures and places. But we know Jesus is real and His message is true. And we have entrusted our lives to His care for all time and eternity.