The Church I See

The Church I see in my heart is alive with the presence of God and filled with a passion for all people everywhere to experience the life-changing love of God in Jesus Christ.


I see a church in multiple places with people from all walks of life passionately worshiping God, loving one another, and growing together in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.


I see a Church where the message of Jesus is so clear that lives are completely transformed by the grace of God.


I see a Church of audacious faith, unshakable hope, and genuine love.


I see a Church so in love with Jesus that they give extravagantly, serve joyfully, worship unashamedly, pray boldly, and genuinely care for others.


I see a Church where the children grow up learning the wonderful truths of Jesus in a safe, fun-filled and loving environment.


I see a Church that is raising up a new generation of young people to become passionate leaders, taking their place in destiny as world changers.

I see a Church where the hurting, the broken, the helpless and the bound discover new life and freedom in Jesus Christ.


I see a Church where the sick, the afflicted, and the hurting discover a healing Jesus.


 I see a Church that celebrates and incorporates the arts into its worship and training; a Church that is on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity.


I see a Church going forth into the world around them in the power of the Holy Spirit declaring Jesus by their lives and their works.


I see a Church that is growing so fast that buildings cannot keep up with the growth.


I see a Church that is impacting cities and nations by the declaration and demonstration of the good news of Jesus Christ.


I see a family of like-hearted Churches in cities around the globe working together to glorify God and declare Jesus to the ends of the earth.


My prayer is that we are that church

— Steve Vickers, Senior Pastor